Your Stories

“Barbara is loving her meals – and thank you to all for being so friendly”

“What a fantastic organisation you are! Thanks for my years delicious meals, the BBQ and Christmas gift. Surely all MOW cannot be this good!”

“Thank you again, it is so lovely to see Mum so excited about eating again”

“In the absence of family, you have made us feel as though we are part of a family. Thank you so much.”

“It’s working really well and Mum’s able to microwave the meals at night by herself. She’s in a good routine now. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.”

We wish to thank you for the preparation and delivery you give us throughout the year. It helps us to cope with other things in life. We appreciate you all.

Last week on the Wednesday when I do not receive a meal, a couple came with just a dessert. I was so moved by this that two people just came to bring a dessert that may have been forgotten the days before. It was truly a delight and bought tears to my eyes.

Mum loves the meals. Thank you all very much!

“Dad loved his soup, said it was the best he has tasted in years. It was a good outcome.”

“Thanks for your great life enhancing & lifesaving work.”

“Thank you all so much – it makes us so happy to see Barbara enjoying her food. She was so excited when she got her Birthday card and present too – a lovely thought.”

“ The meals were superb! All the delivery people were very friendly and helpful. It was a really good experience.”

“ Mum and Dad are really enjoying the meals. We wish we had started this two years ago.”  

  “ Thank you for what you do. It has really taken a load off our minds having meals delivered to Mum out in Valdora”